Nov 13

As cool as Macs are, eventually they become obsolete or give up the the ghost. They also tend to acquire peripherals and accessories that also cease to function and/or become obsolete. This is an environmental concern because a landfill is no place for consumer electronics of any kind. Unless you prefer your drinking water with heavy metals. Continue reading »

written by macaudioguy

Nov 11

In this episode of Monitor, I talk about the perils of upgrading and how NOT to organize your iTunes library.

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written by macaudioguy

Nov 10

I did a lot of upgrades in the last month. I got a new iMac with iLife ’08 and then I did the Leopard upgrade.
With the “upgrade” to iLife’08. I noticed I lost all of my third party AU instruments and most third party effects. With the GB 4.1 update I was expecting those to be restored. To be fair, I do now have Crystal and Automat back, but Remedy and Turntabelist are listed but don’t work and a whole bunch like Sampletank2, Linnplug don’t even show up. Same with a bunch of AU effects( I Need my Monsta Chorus)
WTF? I surprised that this isn’t a major headline. I’ve got tons of old songs that use specific AU instruments. They won’t play anymore, which is really bad, if I need to go back and do a remix on a song. And I can’t compose new music using instruments that I’ve purchased to work with GB?
Please someone tell me there’s a work around, until Apple and the third parties get on the same Audio Unit page.
Oh and don’t try to load a GB4 project into Logic Express 7. You’ll get an error. And Logic also is having a hard time finding apple loops.

My Radium 49 keyboard ceased to be recognized with the Leopard Upgrade. But M-audio IS owned by Digi now So I expect there to be a six month lag in drivers. I hope I’m wrong ’cause having no Midi keyboard is a serious dent in any music making.
So on many fronts the GB4 and Leopard migration is a mess. I was also hoping to upgrade to Logic studio 8. Hmm I think I’ll wait a little bit

written by macaudioguy

Nov 02

I’ve installed Leopard on my work machine ( a G5 dual core ) and a Mac Mini at home. While I haven’t come across any audio specific features that are greatly improved. I will report as I exploire Apples latest OS. I do want to apologize for the fractured nature of the MacAudioGuy website upgrade. I’m still working on getting the forum to work and to get all the old pages pointing to the new site and content. I beg your patience.

written by macaudioguy