Dec 31

VJ DJThe fact that the online community of Second Life provides a way listen to streaming audio has created opportunities for musicians , DJs, and others to stream live audio broadcast into Second Life. Since there are no real good tutorials out there on streaming from a Mac and that I’m getting tired of repeating the same set of instructions, I put together this article. First I’m going to make the assumption that you want to stream to more than ten listeners at a single location in Second Life, and that you already have installed and are familiar with the basics of using Second Life. Please note that you can also stream to even more listeners over the internet using this same method.
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Dec 27

GB ScreenI wrote an article a few years back on basic audio recording on the Mac, While much of that info is still valid, a lot of it is out of date. So I thought I would update that article and I also plan to make a video tutorial as well, In the meantime here is the article.

We are going to assume that we are recording a simple mono or single channel microphone for the purpose of this tutorial, But the tutorial works just as well for any stereo audio source such as a turntable or a mixer. Continue reading »

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Dec 22

Here are a bunch of free stocking stuffers from Goldbaby (thanks !) :-)
Including some HipHop Apple Loops and the 606 Tape sample library.

Free Stuff form Goldbaby

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Dec 14

OSX LeopardAlright It’s been over two months since Apple released OS 10.5 Leopard and I’m still waiting on a stupid Driver for my M-Audio Radium 49 keyboard. Two months of being unable to use a product because someones to lazy to write two hours worth of code. I am Fuming!

I HATE Avid/Digidesign and always hated that it takes them on average 6 months to start writing drivers after any major OS change. I was hoping that when M-Audio was aquired by Digi that they would remain the cool little company that they used to be. I remember specifically how quick and often they used to update drivers. But unfortunately it appears that the guy that used to write the drivers for M-Audio has been swallowed into the huge slow gluttonous mass that is Digidesign calls support.

Shame on you Digidesign, you suck. My next keyboard will be an Edirol.

tunecoreNext Rant: On October 5th I submitted my latest EP to TuneCore to be released on iTunes . TuneCore said that it would be available in the iTunes Music store and on Emusic around November 30th. Okay if that’s the process, I was willing to accept that. So although I recieve no notification from TuneCore, I thought I better check their site to see If my music was available yet. Acording to TuneCore My Album is Live in the  ITunes Music store both in the US and UK and at Emusic and at Amazon.

The reality is that it’s only available on Amazon as of now. WTF???  I went  ahead  and put the link to iTunes on the site in hopes that the Link will go hot before X-mas.  In the meantime  you can buy the Album at Amazon.

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Dec 08

Radio TowerIn this episode of Monitor, I explain how to use your Mac to launch your own Shoutcast internet radio station and how to broadcast into Second Life.

You can be an internet DJ and stream your music or voice over the internet using Your Mac, iTunes, a program called Nicecast from Rogue Amoeba and a Shoutcast DNAS or Icecast server. I also talk briefly about the legalities of Internet radio and ask you to check out

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