Best Mac Audio Toys and Tools for 2010

AOK its’ that time of year again where the Mac Audio Guy looks at the ten best Mac audio over the last year.
Let’s Kick it!
Without a doubt the the coolest Mac related audio toy has to be the iPad. Sure it cost $500 and that’s a lot of guitar strings, but I’ve happily spent twice as much on a Mic. (MMMM AKG 414) But this is the shizzle that dreams are made of. Okay, it only does 44.1KHz 16 bit audio but so does that lame butt CD player. The iPad is the master blaster in disguise and I’ll tell you why as we talk about the Apps later on. Yeah, there are lots of Apps for that.

Did I mention that there is an App for that? Color it SHRED! The Amplitube iRig turns that iPhone (sing Ball & Chain) or that iPad into a Marshall stack or better yet; Stomp boxes that don’t require stomping, Let your fingers do the Christopher Walkin’, and your Strat do the rockin’. Word! 40 Ducats!
Last year I sung the praises of the Zoom H4N. Long live the King! But there is a new prince on the block and he ain’t purple (tho’ I suppose he could be, purple and the purple one one are indeed cool… but I digress) The new kid is the Zoom H1, Two tracks of audio recording goodness packed in to a couch remote sized package for under a Benjamin. You can’t touch that.
Propellerhead kicked ass in 1997 with the Rebirth TB-303 Bass and TR-808 and TR-909 Drum simulator package, It disappeared from the Mac with OSX but now it’s back in black on the iPad. Tweak away, Garth! Heavy Techno goodness. 1500 pennies at the App store.
Ten years ago 24 tracks would cost you at least $5K. Your bonus for surviving the Bush years is a great 8 channel audio interface, 24 track audio work station and DAW controller wrapped up like Victoria’s Secret and looking almost as sexy. The Zoom R24 will give your desktop studio street cred. $500 buys you a lot more than one 21” wheel for your Escalade. Just sayin’
Need a Mic to feed your Mac’s Autotune addiction? Though M-audio has indeed been assimilated by the Borg Continuum called Avid, there is still one last vestige of freedom and individualism and it is hiding under the pseudonym “Avid Vocal Studio” You get an excellent M-Audio Producer condenser USB Microphone and some Poor Tools SE software for under a hundred. Just don’t drink the Kool-aid.
How much should 8 Tracks of portable CD audio quality recording cost? How about ten bucks on top of your iPad investment? DAW Multitrack brings you simply great multitrack recording for your iPad. And yeah it works with the Apple camera connection kit to give you access to those external USB audio Mics and interfaces.
So you or your Primary gift recipient is already rocking with Logic studio? If the only you or they had a Multi-touch interface to mix down those masterpieces that are going to win the Grammy or the AMA award and send you to Disneyland. Never fear uber-dog is here disguised as that Ac-7 Core controller interface for your iPad. This App rules german sequencer software as only German controller software can. And it’s worth $5 just to confuse the audio engineer by stopping and starting Logic on the Mac from your iPad.
If you are a House DJ, this is already on your iPad. Korg Electribe is rockin’ the house! Alien sound sweetness emanating from your iPad for only 20 simolians, Now you just need 5 more iPads.

I don’t promote drug use, but this is the crack of music listening, Devil Doll radio is feeding my Candye Kane addiction. Ahmad Jamal is tickling the keys during tea time, no worries. It’s free, if you can tolerate the occasional Disney ad, Did I mention it’s like crack?