Nov 01

The Mac Audio Guy website was attacked by a hacker and due to the the code injection attack The Site was de-listed by Google and the site traffic went essentially to zero. This made me do some soul searching as to whether maintaining this site was really providing a valuable service and if it is worth the effort to maintain. I decided to carry on.
I did a rebuild of the entire site and fortunately was re-listed by Google. I am really busy with several video projects and I am in the process of building my video business and launching the Jay Shaffer Video website, but I am dedicated the getting some more content up here on Mac Audio Guy. and I plan to have a new Monitor Podcast out by tomorrow. Thank you for sticking with the site through this rebuilding process, and I hope to continue to bring valuable information to the Mac audio and music community.

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Mar 09

I fixed the contact form page, so that now your emails will actually reach me. I’ve also disabled the old MacAudioGuy forum until I can figure a system to prevent it be inundated with spam post.

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Aug 20

Okay, I finally decided to go web 2.0. I’ve redesigned the site useing Word press but you can still find all of the legacy content here including the links and articles and even th old Blog which is kind of an ugly port, but a port nonetheless.

I hope you like the new site and I’ll be adding some new features real soon…and yeah I’ll post anoter Podcast soon too:-)

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Feb 25

I’m now working full time as video and audio producer for Clevermedia As a consequence, I’ve have had very little time to maintain I am having serious problems with the forum, my audio Podcast takes about 4 hours out of my weekend to produce, I need to update my current Blog program to Word Press, and in general what is a labor of love is becoming a chore. And God knows I’m not making money from the site.
I’ve thought to just let the site sit as is and hope that it provides some value, but in the end that wouldn’t be fair to you, my audience.
So instead, what I ask is your patience as I go through the slow process of trying to make the site more efficient to maintain. My Podcast will probably become more sporadic and I’m hoping that I don’t lose any data as I migrate the forum and the Blog.
Please bear with me.
Thank you.

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