Nov 02

Yamaha Audigram Interface

Yamaha Audiogram Interface

In this episode of Monitor, I explain the basics of audio interfaces for the Mac and help you choose which interface is right for you.

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2 Responses to “Podcast 46: Interface Face-Off”

  1. 1. richard Says:

    I’m using Yamaga Audiogram6 with garage band. I’m recording voice and guitar, onto two different tracks. It works perfect, until about 3 minutes and, each time, I get this crackly distortion that starts. I restart garage band and it’s fine again, until I’ve been recording for almost exactly 3 minutes in the song, and it screws up again. Seems really weird, not sure what it could be.

  2. 2. macaudioguy Says:

    This sounds like a hard drive issue, where the drive is not keeping up with the incoming audio. Here are a couple things you can do: Clean up your hard drive so that you have more than 10% of it’s capacity available.Secondly go the GarageBand Preferences and click on the Advanced tab. Set the number of playback tracks lower and consider recording at the “good” 16bit 44.1 KHz resolution.