The Top Ten Mac Audio Products For 2009

It’s that time of year again, so without further ado here’s the Mac Audio Guy Top Ten Mac Audio Products For 2009:

  1. Logic Studio 9 $499

    A truly awesome Pro Digital Audio Software suite for just under 500 smackers. (half the price of the previous version!!!)
    Makes Pro Tools look like Poor Tools. This software is the single best software for audio and music production on the Mac (or any other platform)… period.

  2. Zoom H4N $299

    The H4 was great, the H4N is mind blowing! The H4 was plastic and toylike which just didn’t look like a professional audio recorder, all that has changed. The new H4N is a rugged pro piece of gear. the perfect location recorder for digital cinematography or any other form of field recording. 4 Tracks, built in high quality mics, XLR, 1/4″ and Mini inputs, SDHC cards, and it’s an audio interface!

  3. More