The Top Ten Mac Audio Products For 2009

It’s that time of year again, so without further ado here’s the Mac Audio Guy Top Ten Mac Audio Products For 2009:

  1. Logic Studio 9 $499

    A truly awesome Pro Digital Audio Software suite for just under 500 smackers. (half the price of the previous version!!!)
    Makes Pro Tools look like Poor Tools. This software is the single best software for audio and music production on the Mac (or any other platform)… period.

  2. Zoom H4N $299

    The H4 was great, the H4N is mind blowing! The H4 was plastic and toylike which just didn’t look like a professional audio recorder, all that has changed. The new H4N is a rugged pro piece of gear. the perfect location recorder for digital cinematography or any other form of field recording. 4 Tracks, built in high quality mics, XLR, 1/4″ and Mini inputs, SDHC cards, and it’s an audio interface!

  3. Djay V2.0 $49.95

    Beats down Djay software costing Hundreds more. Not only is this the best software dual deck simulator on the Mac, it also interfaces with all the best MIDI controllers if you need to touch the platters. If you don’t have that kinda scratch you can scratch using multi touch on your Macbook. Word!

  4. Shure SRH 440 Pro Headphones $99
    For year Sony MDR-7506s were the Pro Audio standard for headphones. for their clarity, comfort and ruggedness, Now Shure has come out pro headphones with all those qualities and they just plain sound better than the Sonys. Deep punchy bass without taking and sizzle out of the highs. You owe it to yourself to listen to these bad boys.
  5. M-Audio Session Music Producer $89 street

    I used to love M-Audio products before they were assimilated into the evil Digidesign/Avid/Borg Continuum. Lately most of the M-Audio line has turned to the dark side with a couple exceptions. The Session Music Producer is one of them. The package has the Session PC-only GarageBand knock-off software and a really great USB Condenser Microphone. Throw away the software and buy this just for the mic.

  6. M-Audio Keystudio $99 Street

    Like the Session music producer above, this 49 key MIDI control keyboard comes with the Session software. Give the software to some poor PC owner and keep the keyboard. Now you wont have to use musical typing in Garageband anymore.

  7. Melodyne Editor $299

    They say Auto-tune is dead, while it may fade from pop radio as an overused and cliche’ effect, Auto-tuning software belongs in every music producers tool box. Celemony has upped the game with the new Melodyne editor which allows you to go into chords and correct the individual notes. you read that correctly, now you can auto tune bad notes in a chord. Somebody must have made a pact with the devil because this software is black magic.

  8. Levelator free

    This is another magical piece of software that corrects levels in recorded voice.
    It is designed for getting perfect voice levels for podcasts. If you’re recording narration or podcast or any spocken word material you need to download this. C’mon it’s FREE!

  9. iPod Touch starting at $199

    Want to run all those cool iPhone Apps but don’t want or need the AT&T ball and chain with the iPhone? Then you NEED the iPod touch.
    Two words: App Store.

  10. The Apple App Store via iTunes

    500+ audio apps. ‘Nuff said.